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Hostitor Professional Plan adds the benefit of 6 months of Marketing service in addition to Unlimited Website hosting. You also get free CDN, SSL and Web Optimization. We help you grow your website for with our Digital Marketing experts.

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Features included with Hostitor Professional Plan

Free CDN

Hostitor ​provides global CDN for free for every website. Your static media loads 300% times faster.

99.99% Uptime

99.99% up-time ​guarantee with Hostitor Web Hosting. Hostitor uses pure-SSD for low latency.

Free SSL

Each website hosted with Hostitor gets a free SSL certificate. No charge for SSL certificates.

Web Optimization

Free Web Optimization for all hosted website. Web Optimization can help in increasing your SEO ranking. No more extra spending on Website Optimization. Access it on our Control Panel

80+ Application

Hostitor has more than 80 one-click applications for your website. You can access applications like Magento, WordPress, Laravel for free.

SSD Hosting

Hostitor uses super-fast SSD for storage. It decreases the latency and in addition with our free CDN and Web Optimization helps in loading website fast.

Digital Marketing

We help you grow your website using our expertise in Digital Marketing for 6 months. We will let you know the best keywords, promote in Google and help with Organic Traffic of your website.

Website Security

Website Security is concern among new websites when the website is most vulnerable. Hostitor already provides the best server security, but you get additional manual checks with our Professional Plan.

Unlimited Website

With our Professional Plan you can host Unlimited Websites. You can add your additional through our Control Panel or you can simply request a additional hosting package.

Feedback from our Customers

Patrick Smith

For some people, I'm sure Hostitor is just a side show in their business, but for us, it's a critical part of our success. We have increased revenue by 60% since using Hostitor.

Richard Keri

The new Hostitor Professional Plan with the 6 months of free manual SEO is just amazing. With Hostitor, we found an easy-to-use and very effective way to increase our organic web traffic. This hosting plan is worth every penny!

Brenda Eddings

After reviewing all our traffic, Hostitor got us 88% more organic traffic, $2280 more income per website on average, and 5X fast website loading speed.

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