Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

- Benjamin Franklin

Hostitor believes educators and instructors are the most important for the growth of society. Hostitor and its partners have always supported instructors and students by sharing technology. Hostitor has partnered with several instructors to provide the best web hosting solutions to the students. We are offering the same features as in the Freelancer Plan but at a discounted price to students.

Hostitor Instructor Program

Instructors can partner with Hostitor to provide 90 days of free web hosting to their students. No payment method is required during the trial. They will able to use all the features of Hostitor during the period and will be charged at a highly discounted rate if they choose to subscribe Hostitor paid plan after the trial period. 

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Benefits of the Program

Benefits for the students include all the features of the Freelancer Plan.

✔️ Unlimited Website Hosting

✔️ Unlimited Bandwidth

✔️ Unlimited Emails

✔️ Free Web Optimization

✔️ Free SSL and CDN

✔️ Free SSD Storage

There are several benefits for the Educators too.

✔️ No sign up charges, no contracts etc.

✔️ Free Web Hosting for the Instructor.

✔️ Transparency of information.

✔️ 10% commission for every paid students.

Pricing of Hostitor Instructor Program

The pricing for the Hostitor Instructor program is based on the number of students that sign up for our paid hosting after the trial period. The program is designed for online education platforms, but if you have low student-count and want a discounted pricing based on your class, you can contact us at, and we will provide you with the best deal for your students. 

The pricing below is the general pricing that applies for every educator, unless they have contacted Hostitor for special pricing. Please contact for special pricing for your class.

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