The Complete Guide to Hostitor Control Panel

Here's the complete guide to Hostitor's StackCP Control Panel. We will discuss everything related to the Control Panel.


 1. CDN

   a. Edge Caching

   b. Web Optimization

   c. Block Visitor

2. Web Files

   a. File Manager

   b. FTP Accounts

   c. Backup / Restore

   d. Web Builder

   e. File Permission Checker

3. Email

   a. Email Accounts

   b. Email Forwarders

   c. Catch-all Forwarders

   d. Autoresponders

   e. Send-only Address

   f. Receieve-only Address

   g. Junk Mail Filters

   h. Webmail

   i. Email Summary

   j. Email Migration

   k. Domainkeys (DKIM)

4. Web Tools

   a. phpMyAdmin

   b. MySQL Database

   c. Remote MySQL Access

   d. Change PHP Version

   e. PHP Configuration

   f. Redirects

   g. Sitemap Generator

5. Domain Names

   a. Domains

   b. Subdomains

   c. Manage DNS

6. Security

   a. SSH Access

   b. Hotlink Protection

   c. SSL/TLS

   d. Password Protection

   e. Directory Indexing

   f. Malware Scan

7. Logs and Stats

   a. AWStats

   b. Webalizer

   c. Access / Error Logs

8. One-Click Installs (Apps)

We have a different tutorial discussing all the various applications available from Hostitor. You can refer to the article below. Applications provided by Hostitor are fantastic since you don't have to create an all-new tool, but you can use the back-end provided by the apps for your tool. We have several CMS you can install in one-click. Please check all the CMS provided by Hostitor Web Hosting.

1. CDN (Content Delivery Network)
CDN is not a proper hosting server and cannot replace the server. CDNs are a group of servers usually distributed in different locations, which helps in serving content faster. CDNs transfers contents like HTML, images, videos, and stylesheets to enable faster loading of the website. Major companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Netflix, etc. use CDN to serve websites faster and to mitigate internet threats like DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. Though our servers have some of the best speed, with the addition of free CDN, we serve websites even faster.


a. Edge Caching

There are several options available within Edge Caching. The options are Global Edge Caching, Development Mode, Dynamic Cache, Custom Cache Settings, and Purge Cache.

Global Edge Caching is automatically selected when you choose our Hosting. We automatically cache static contents to deliver Images, JS, and CSS to visitors around the globe. We recommend enabling this option to ensure a fast website. Cache helps in loading static content fast and helps with the overall score of the website.

Development Mode helps when you're developing a live website. It disables cache for 3 hours so that you don't have to worry about cache when designing your website.

Dynamic cache provides the ability to cache any resource at our edge by using public Cache-Control and Expires headers. Once enabled, you can start storing content in this cache by configuring it to emit those headers. Please note that for security reasons, any responses that contain a cookie will not be cached. Combined with StackCache, this gives you full page dynamic content caching, ensuring rapid TTFB times for all resources regardless of visitor location. Advanced users can check the output of the X-CDN-Cache-Status header to see whether a resource was cached.

Custom Cache Setting enables editing the cache settings. You can modify how long you store static contents in our cache.

Purge Cache helps with purging the old cache; you can click Purge Everything when you're ready to purge it. It takes some time before the whole website is cached.


b. Website Optimization
​We have in-house Website Optimization tools that help you with optimizing your website. Using Hostitor's Website Optimization tools will make your website light-weight, and it is included with all our web hosting plans. If you're using CMS like WordPress, you will not require to install any other Optimization plugin hence reducing the pressure on your website. We have explained all of our website optimization options below. Hostitor Web Hosting recommends that you use only the One-Click Optimization if you're not experienced since wring optimization may break your site. We have mentioned the risk associated with all the optimizations; please check those before use Hostitor Optimization tools.

One-Click Optimization is the best option for your website. If you're a beginner, we recommend you select this option. One Lick Optimization checks all the features of the site and only performs the best optimization.

Besides One-Click Optimization, we have several other manual optimizations that can be found under the Web Optimization Settings, make sure to read all the instructions mentioned before performing any optimizations.

We have also published an article mentioning instructions to optimize and speed up your website. Please make sure to read the article to utilize all the features of Hostitor Web Optimization, which will make your website fast.


c. Block Visitors
Block Visitors is a straightforward and powerful tool for the website. You can block visitors from any country or any particular IP address from visiting your website. 


2. Web Files
Hostitor Web Files mainly relates to Hostitor Web Hosting File Manager. We have made it simple and easy to upload files to your web server. Here are some of the options available under Web Files.


a. File Manager
As the name suggests, it is the file manager for your web server. You can upload, download, edit, and manage your web files. Hostitor Web Hosting kept UI/UX for file manager simple so that beginners can easily upload files to their server.


b. FTP Account
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. You can use clients like Filezilla to upload files fast and easily from your desktop. We have published another article providing instructions to connect to the Hostitor web server using FTP clients like Filezilla. To ensure the safety of the webserver and the FTP credentials, Hostitor creates a new FTP password for every time you want to connect to your web server using FTP client. You'll also have to unlock your FTP to be able to connect to the webserver. Check out how to unlock Hostitor FTP.


c. Backup / Restore
Hostitor has its own Backup/Restore program to protect its client website. We recommend our customers to back up their website at least twice a month. You can back up your files and database from the Backup/Restore dashboard. If you want to restore the previous version of your website, restore the version you want. Make sure to download your website backup, this keeps the files and database extra safe, and in case there is a problem with the server, you can always upload the backup and restore your website.


d. Web Builder
Hostitor has its Web Builder, which can be extremely important if you want to build your website. You can create your website with simple functions like drag-and-drop. 


e. File Permission Checker
Hostitor File Permission Checker helps with all permission of the web files and the folders. You must specify correct file permission for your files and folders. Incorrect file and folder permission can expose private information to the public, and hackers can take advantage of it. It can take a few minutes to scan all the critical file permission. Make sure to review the permission and correct any wrong file permission.


3. Email
With Hostitor, you can have unlimited custom email accounts. We have no limitation on the number of email accounts. But each email account is limited to storage of 10GB, and you'll need to remove older messages if your email account gets full.


a. Email Accounts helps to create custom email accounts for your domain. You will receive all the information regarding your email in that section. You can connect to your mailbox using POP3 or IMAP. The password is auto-generated for each custom email accounts. You can change the password in the future.

b. Email Forwarder can help you to forward any email related to your website to any other email you want. You can also choose to reject or ignore any email sent to those email addresses.

c. Catch-All Forwarders or Wildcard Forwarders will automatically forward any e-mail sent to an email address that does not exist at your domain to another email address of your choosing. The Catch-All Forwarders allows you to catch mail sent to anyone at your domain to a specific email address of your choosing. Please allow up to 30 minutes for new addresses to start forwarding e-mail.

d. Email Auto-responders can be used for out-of-office replies when the owner of the email address cannot promptly respond to any new emails. When Start From/Finish On dates are specified, the autoresponder will only be activated between those two dates. Please allow up to 30 minutes for changes to autoresponders to become live.

e. Send-Only Email Addresses can send but cannot receive email. They are perfect for no-reply mailboxes or smart hosts in small offices. Any emails sent to a send-only email account will be rejected.

f. Receive-Only Email Addresses can receive but are unable to send email. They can be used for message archives or CC mailboxes when you know you will never need to be able to send email from an address.

g. Junk mail filtering strips out any messages containing spam or viruses before receiving it and is enabled by default on all mailboxes we host. Messages containing a virus are automatically rejected, and messages classified as spam will be placed into the "Junk" folder for that mailbox.

h. Webmails are web-only email clients. Hostitor Webmails helps you to access your inboxes on the web without downloading any email clients. You can also use it to send emails.

i. Email Summary section will help you all the details related to Hostitor Web Hosting Email. You can find a summary of all your email accounts, email forwarders, and any other type of email account that you've set-up with Hostitor for your domain.

j. Email Migration helps you to migrate your emails and email settings. With Hostitor Web Hosting, you can easily migrate to your email accounts.

k. DKIM signatures are used to sign e-mails sent from our mail servers to help prevent email spoofing and improve email deliverability. Hostitor Web Hosting has made sure that you're able to edit DKIM signatures, we also have advanced options that will help you set up your DKIM signatures.


4. Web Tools
Hostitor Web Hosting provides you with all the settings for your website. You can fine-tune your website with Hostitor Web Tools. Hostitor Web Tools section also contains all the access to the Database from the Dashboard. You can also edit settings such as phpMyAdmin, MySQL Database, PHP Configurations, and even change PHP versions. Hostitor supports all the latest versions of PHP.


a. phpMyAdmin will help you to edit the databases. Unless you have any database, the section will be blank.

b. MySQL Databases section will help you create databases and users. You can also edit the required permissions through this section. Please make sure to follow the instructions to create your databases.

c. Remote MySQL helps in accessing the database remotely. As standard, remote MySQL access is blocked for security reasons. You can enable access for specific IP addresses below. Please note that changes to these rules will take up to 30 minutes to take effect.

d. Change PHP version helps you with switching between PHP versions for your website. Hostitor supports all the latest stable versions of PHP. Currently, you can switch up to PHP version 7.4.


e. PHP Configuration helps you with editing all the PHP configs. The section is significant for WordPress websites since several websites require different configs, and with Hostitor, you can easily select the PHP configuration. We have written a post about all the available configuration for PHP.


g. Redirect helps you configuring permanent or temporary redirects. Make sure to follow the instructions while setting redirects. 301 is Permanent Redirect, and 302 is a Temporary Redirect.

h. Sitemap Generator helps you with generating a sitemap for your website. Sitemaps are essential for SEO. It allows bots to crawl your website and index it in search engines. Hostitor Web Hosting helps generate a sitemap and host it in your webspace. You can also choose the update interval for your sitemap. The crawling process may take a few minutes as all pages and URLs need to be checked.


5. Domain Names
Currently, Hostitor doesn't sell any domain name. Hostitor only allows web hosting on its platform. Under the Hostitor Domain Name section, you can add unlimited domains or sub-domains or check your DNS.


a. Domains section will help you add or manage your domains. With Hostitor, you can host unlimited websites, and we have no limitation on resources for your websites. You can add unlimited domains and edit the document root for your website. You can manage the domains on your hosting package. To create a new domain mapping, please type the domain you wish to map and leave the document root as public_html. Advanced users may want to specify a different document root, allowing you to host that domain from a different directory. Please note that the system treats these much like a subdomain, so using this facility to host entirely different websites is not recommended for security reasons. For hosting altogether different domain, submit the form Add a Domain, and we will add a new hosting package for free. Make sure that you've entered the email the same as the primary domain or charged.

b. Subdomains will help you add any subdomain for your first website. If you have add-on domains you can choose that from the drop-down menu. 

c. Manage DNS will help you with managing DNS for your website. You add and edit the DNS configuration. You must understand the effect of any DNS changes before you make them. For example, an incorrect change to your A, AAAA, or CNAME records could break your website. Hostitor understands that you might face errors, you can reset to default DNS settings anytime you want. Hostitor also has pre-configured DNS settings for G-Suite and Office 365 Mail; you can simply select the setting you wish to apply.


6. Security
Hostitor Web Hosting always have Security in mind. With the growing number of website hacking, we must have enough tools to alert us whenever there is a hacking within our server. We have also made some tools available to Hostitor's Web Hosting customers to know when their website is attacked. Hostitor also provides manual Website Security to its Professional and Enterprise customers. If you're too worried about website security, we recommend choosing one of those web hosting plans.


a. SSH Access, Hostitor provides SSH Access to your webspace. We permit key-based authentication or password with two-factor authentication. You must add Public Key in OpenSSH authorized_keys format with a password to access through SSH. Hostitor retains the right to cancel any SSH access if its customers misuse the service.


b. Hotlink protection prevents other websites from directly linking to files on your website. The most common use of hotlinking is other websites linking to an image from your site from their own. Any domains listed in "Whitelisted URLs" will be allowed to link to your site regardless of your blocked extensions.


c. SSL/TLS, if your domain is using Hostitor nameservers, you can activate a free SSL certificate for your website. SSL certificates can take up to 30 minutes to be installed. All Free SSL certificates are wildcard certificates, so will automatically cover the domain and all subdomains - For example, domain.tld, www.domain.tld, anything.domain.tld. You can also force SSL connections for all your visitors by enabling our load balancers to redirect all your users to use HTTPS. Please note, this will only work if you have an SSL certificate on this package, and changes will take 30 minutes to take effect.


d. Password Protection can protect any directory on your website with basic HTTP Authentication. When visiting a password-protected directory, your browser will prompt you for a username and password.

e. Directory Indexing controls what happens when a request is made to a directory without a default (index) file. With indexing enabled, a listing of all files inside that directory will be displayed in your browser. If indexing is disabled, a 403 forbidden error is usually shown. The web server will look for the index.php index.html index.htm index.cgi (in order) when a user requests a directory by specifying a / at the end of the URL. For example, "index.php" means if you request /folder/, the webserver looks for /folder/index.php. The first file to match is returned, so the order is necessary for performance reasons.

f. Malware Scanner scans your website every day. You will be notified if any malware is found on your server. Hostitor also allows manual malware scanning, and you can start Hostitor Web Hosting Malware Scanner anytime.


7. Logs and Stats
With Hostitor Web Hosting, you can check all the analytics and logs for your website. We have made it easy for you to understand the essential stats of your website. 


a. Awstats provides important analytics of your website. Since it is directly installed in the server, the data is accurate. You can view who visited your website when they visited and navigation used during their visits. Awstats require a lot of data before it can initialize, hence if your website isn't getting many visitors, you might see Error since Awstats doesn't have much data to view anything.

b. Webalizer helps you understand bandwidth usage. It shows the bandwidth used for your website according to dates. It will also show the Daily Average and Monthly Visits for your website.

c. Access and Error Logs show all the Logs for your Hostitor Web Hosting package. When your website suddenly goes down, it is essential to check if any file has caused an error on your site.


8. One-Click Install (Apps)
Hostitor has several frameworks and web apps on the dashboard. You can choose from 71 applications. Most popular applications include WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, BuddyPress, etc. You can select any application you want and install it in the directory of your choice. Learn how to install One-Click Applications in Hostitor.

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