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Fast, Secure,


99.99% Uptime

99.99% uptime ​guarantee for websites hosted with Hostitor. Professionals take your website care.

Free CDN

Hostitor ​provides global CDN for free with each website. Your media is delivered from the nearest server to your visitor for fast load times.

Free SSL

Each website hosted with Hostitor gets a free SSL certificate. No charge for SSL certificates.

<80 Applications

Hostitor has more than 85 applications for your website. You can access applications like Magento, WordPress, Laravel for free.





Freelancer Hosting is best-suited for blogs, small businesses, personal websites with hosting as the primary requirement.

Host Unlimited Websites

Free SSL Certificates

Unlimited Bandwidth

Free CDN

Unlimited Email

6 months of free hosting

Paid Annually




Professional Hosting is best-suited for medium-sized businesses with low SEO and marketing requirements.

Everything from Freelancer plan plus:

1 x Manual SEO for 6 months

1 x Manual Security for 6 months

Paid Annually




Enterprise Hosting is best-suited for big-businesses with high SEO and marketing requirements.

Everything from Freelancer plan plus:

1 x Manual SEO for 12 months

1 x Manual Security for 12 months

Paid Annually

Powerful Control Panel

Hostitor uses StackCP as our Control Panel, which is visually appealing and meets all requirements of our clients. It is fast and simple. You can install applications, including WordPress, directly from the control panel. Want to have a look at the control panel?

NOTE : No free trial applies for Professional and Enterprise Web Hosting Plan. Please sign up with Freelancer Plan to get free 6 months of web hosting and no payment method required during sign up.

Upcoming Features

Check out the upcoming features of Hostitor. We are always looking to upgrade. We love productive technology at low costs.


We have some of the most secure systems. Every website can be backed up for free. We also have tools to analyze any exploits and work ASAP.


Are you facing problems to build your website? Check out our tutorials to make, secure, and promote your sites.



Read more about Hostitor. We are always writing articles about new technologies and tools to make the website more accessible.

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